IPC - Vela

    Instructor: Mrs. Valerie Vela

    Welcome to IPC!  
    Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC) is an introductory physics and chemistry course that is designed to spark interest while building a firm foundation for the future, more advanced science courses.  Topics covered this year can be found in the syllabus in the "files" section below. Important homework dates can be found on the calendar below.


    Google Classroom:  Please make sure you have joined my Google Classes.  Use the following codes to gain access:

    2nd period - 5bdnvf3

    3rd period - ytmkeqw

    4th period - mi7kg7v

    5th period - lgswydz

    7th period -  a6t3jvz

    8th period - aywao6l


    REMIND:  Students and parents, please join my REMIND, .  Thank you!

    Purple Day: Enter the number 81010.  Text this message:  @velapurple

    White Day:  Enter the number 81010.  Text this message:  @velawhite






    Tests, quizzes, and projects will fall under the FORMAL grading category, and will count as 60% of the IPC grade.

    Daily work and labs will fall under the INFORMAL grading category, and will count as 40% of the IPC grade.


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Supplies Needed

  • Notebook

       The photo shows a Five Star composition book, hard cover, non-perforated.  It is my favorite, of the several types I have tried.  But, they     are not easy to find.  This year I had to order them online for about $6.  They also make a poly cover one that sells for about $2.50 at   Walmart.  Mead Five Star is durable, and will most likely hold up all year long.

      Any composition book should work, but I would not recommend a spiral notebook, or any other type of perforated notebook.














    Supplies Needed for IPC:  We have always shared scissors, glue, calculators, pens, sharpeners, staplers, etc.  Due to the COVID-19 virus, and our attempt to prevent cross-contamination, it is very important that each student have their own supplies this year, kept in their backpack.


    personal scissors

    #2 pencils


    handheld pencil sharpener

    composition book - must not be a spiral notebook

    folder - to keep graded papers in

    highlighters - various colors 

    map pencils

    calculator - simple, inexpensive (+, -, x, /)

    2 bottles of Elmer's glue

    2 roll of paper towels - TURN IN

    optional - clear Scotch tape

    optional - mini personal stapler


Mrs. Vela's Schedule

  • TUTORIALS:  Science tutorial sessions are available everyday after school from 3:00-3:30.  Morning tutorials are available by sign-up, from 7:20 - 7:45.

    Purple Day:
    1st Period - conference/hall duty
    2nd Period- IPC
    3rd Period - IPC
    4th Period - IPC

    White Day:
    5th Period - IPC
    6th Period - conference
    7th Period - IPC
    8th Period - IPC



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