Instructor: Mrs. Guarnere

     Grades 11-12, 1 unit.  Prerequisite: Biology I, Chemistry I, and C or better in Algebra I.  Physics I is a class that focuses understanding the world around us.  Topics include the mechanics of objects(Mechanics is the study of why and how objects move.), light, sound, electricity and magnetism.  This understanding will be accomplished with lab, lecture, problem solving and projects.

    Students will need:

    2 Composition Notebooks (Black and White speckled for example)

    Pens, Pencils, highlighters


    Tape with dispenser


    Ruler and Protractor

    Calculator  TI 30 X  or higher

    1 Roll of Paper Towels

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  • Mrs. Guarnere,

    Business: 729-7644 ext. 1185
    Email: cguarnere@pngisd.org


  • 1st Period :    Honors Physics 
    2nd Period :   Physics 1
    3rd Period :   Conference
    4th Period :   Honors Physics
    5th Period :   AP Physics
    6th Period :   Physics 1
    7th Period:    Physics 1
    8th Period :   Conference