Instructor: Jill Hamilton

     Welcome to Pre-Cal!

    Basically, Pre-Cal has two big "chunks" that comprise its study: Algebra and Trigonometry.  If you squish these two areas of study together, you'll get everything you need to prepare for an onward journey to Calculus I.  We will take a nice, deep look into both of these areas of study.  Along our journey, you will find some valuable learning experiences that will help develop and strengthen your skills with logic, perspective, and problem solving that you can take with you and apply to all areas of study and career paths.  

    Please see "Announcements" section for more specific details regarding procedures for this class. 




  • Purple Day:

    1. Calculus I AP (Remind: @bewise1 to 81010)

    2. LEAP Pre-Cal (Remind: @besmart2 to 81010)

    3. Conference

    4. LEAP Pre-Cal (Remind: @bekind4 to 81010)


    White Day:

    5. Pre-AP Pre-Cal (Remind: @begenerous to 81010)

    6. Conference

    7. Pre-AP Pre-Cal (Remind: @bebrave7 to 81010)

    8. Calculus I AP (Remind: @bestrong8 to 81010)