Instructor: Mrs. Eyles




    Technical Theatre
    Take a Walk on the Dark Side

    This course explores the technical side of theatre.  Set design and construction concepts, costume design and production, lighting principles, and stage make-up will be explored.  The history of the theatre and opportunities to attend live theatre will be included.


  • Purple:
    1st-- Technical Theatre I-IV
    2nd-- CONFERENCE
    3rd--  Indian Players
    4th-- Musical Theatre I-IV

    5th-- Theatre I/II/III/IV
    6th-- Technical Theatre I-IV
    7th--  Technical Theatre I-IV
    8th--Theatre I/II/III/IV 

    Standard Rehearsal Schedule:
    (unless otherwise noted in your show schedule)
    Monday/Tuesday-- 4:00-6:15
    Wenesday-- 3:45-5:15
    Thursday-- 3:15-4:45
    Friday-- 3:15-dismissal
    Saturdays-- as scheduled