Concussion training is required for the following personnel:

    Last Name First Name Campus
    Abel Patrick HS
    Abshere Norman PNMS
    Anderson Karen HS
    Angus Cxadi PNMS
    Arnaud Mike GMS
    Austin Blake HS
    Baize Irene HS
    Ballew Michael HS
    Bates Aimee HS
    Bean Samara PNMS
    Begnaud Aaron HS
    Brevell Mark GMS
    Byrd J'Taylor HS
    Carter Scott HS
    Cates Brian PNMS
    Comeaux Barbara HS
    Comeaux Amber PNMS
    Corcoran Ashley GMS
    Dupuis Lorin Taft
    Faircloth Brandon HS
    Fruge Brittany HS
    Gatlin Roy HS
    Gizzi Collin GMS
    Guarnere Staci PNE
    Guidry Lisa HS
    Guidry Miranda GMS
    Hollier Cassie WC
    Honza Jerry HS
    Jones Morgan HS
    Kissel Alexandra HS
    Laing Eric AEC
    Lemoine Jessica HS
    Lovejoy Lauren GMS
    Luttrull Chad HS
    Martin Adriann PNMS
    Medlock Peter HS
    Monk Allison WGELC
    Nelson Jayce HS
    Oden Crystal HS
    Richardson Brian HS
    Rodgers Kara HS
    Roy Brandy HS
    Segura Kane PNMS
    Segura Kyler PNMS
    Serna Ricardo HS
    Shepperd Matthew HS
    Snider Shelby PNMS
    Solis Laura HS
    Tanner Joshua HS
    Templin Dustin HS
    Walker Denise HS
    Walker Jennifer HS
    Wallace David HS
    Ward Lauren VB
    Wilson Robin HS

    The personnel listed above are required to either attend a face-to-face concussion training (if available) or complete an online concussion training.  Whichever one you chose to do, your certificate must be sent to Dr. Duhon upon completion.

    If you are completing the online concussion training, at some point during August 2018 inservice, complete the 2-Hour Concussion Course* posted at: http://www.texashealth.org/concussion-training.

    Before beginning the online course, please read through the Notes section on this website link listed above.

    **When you complete the course, send a copy of your certificate to Dr. Duhon at bduhon@pngisd.org **

    If you have any question, email bduhon@pngisd.org.

    *Texas Education Code Section 38.158 requires 2 hours of training every two years.