• 6th Grade Advanced Math


    This year your child will learn how awesome, fun, important, and easy math can be!

    Welcome to 6th grade math class!

    Your student will learn fun songs that will help teach him/her the steps to solving problems of various math concepts.

    Each student will be responsible for learning the Times Table from 1 to 12. 

    Each day, they will have notes to copy into their notebook/binder.  Each student will keep up with their binder bydaily warm up problems, notes, graded papers, and extra mathematical hand outs.   

    They will have homework Monday-Thursday.  No homework will be assigned over the weekend unless there is a math project to be completed.  I will allow class time for homework every day after the lesson; if the homework assignment is completed in class, your child will have no homework for the night.

Lesson Plan


  • GMS Student Discipline Policy

    When a student breaks a rule, they receive a "sticker". This is a note that they have not followed a rule.
    3 stickers=parent notified, N conduct
    4 stickers=detention
    5 stickers=2nd detention
    6 stickers=ISS, parent meeting, U conduct
    Referral=N conduct
    2 Referrals=U conduct

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  • Important Dates

    Jan. 12, 2018- Report Cards

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  • Welcome

    Summer is over and a new school year is here!

    Class Info.Class Rules1. Must use pencil on math work.
    2. Name, period, and date should be on all work.
    3. No talking during class; please raise your hand.
    4. Be prepared for class when bell rings (pencil,paper,warm-up, etc.).
    5. Bring pencil, paper, and eraser to class daily.
    6. Sharpen pencil BEFORE the bell rings.Grading Policy50% …

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  • 1st period 8:15-9:05

    2nd period 9:09-10:01

    3rd period 10:05-10:55 Conference

    4th period Lunch

    5th period 11:29-12:19

    6th period 12:23-1:13 

    7th period 1:17-2:07

    8th period 2:11-2:36

    9th period 2:40-3:30


  • Sonnier, Rose

    Business: 962-0225 x7285
    Email: rsonnier@pngisd.org