• 7th Grade Science

    Instructor: Mrs. Busceme

    Welcome to 7th grade Science!

    My name is Kim Busceme.  This school year will mark my 27th year in the field of education.  Most of those years have been here at GMS.  I love Science and I enjoy sharing learning experiences with young people.

    There is a great deal for your child to experience and learn this year.  Many times we move at a fairly rapid pace because there is so much material to cover.

    My goal is to help them grasp the concepts and dynamics by being fully involved in the process with me.  I hope you will join us by letting me know anything you feel I should or asking me questions when they arise.

    I hope to help make this year a memorable one for your student with lots of differentiated learning, labs, activities and fun in the process.  They will, of course, be expected to be respectful to me, other students and themselves.  In turn, they can expect the same.

    If at any time you wish to contact me, please feel free to email me at kbusceme@pngisd.org or call the school at 962-0225. Also, please be sure to activate the "Remind" app for information from me about tests and other things you will want to know ahead of time.

    Please register at remind101.com to receive notices about tests, quizzes and other important notifications for class.  You can text to 81010 the message @mrsbuscem

    I am looking forward to a fun and exciting learning filled year with your student.


    Kim Busceme

Class Rules

Lesson Plans

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    1 8:15 -8:40 Home Room
    2 8:44-9:35 Conference
    3 9:39:10:30 Science 7th
    4 10:34-11:00 Lunch
    5 11:04-11:54 Duty
    6 11:55-12:48Science 7th
    7 12:52-1:42 Science 7th
    8 1:46-2:36 ScienceE
    9 2:40-3:30 Science 7th