• In 6th grade Language Arts, you will learn many skills to help you this year and in future years.  You will learn how to correctly use grammar, spelling, and vocabulary in your reading and writing.  You will work on grammar skills to improve writings.  You will read different texts to learn and understand the way the author's have written to help you with your writing ability.  

    In 6th, 7th, and 8th grade reading, you will learn the different aspects of reading, including theme, plot, author's purpose, foreshadowing, and inferencing.  You will read together as a class and also independently.  We will focus on skills to build vocabulary and help you become a more fluent reader while also comprehending and understanding what you have read.  



  • Tutorials every morning 7:45 - 8:10 (unless on morning duty)


    1st Period - Homeroom (study hall)
    2nd Period - 
    3rd Period - 
    4th Period - 
    5th Period - 
    6th Period - 
    7th Period - 

    8th Period - 
    9th Period -