• I am very excited to have your child in my class. Listed below are a few things that might be helpful to you:

    1. Math: Second grade math focuses on memorization of facts and daily problem solving. The students will have Math homework Monday through Thursday every week that should be turned in the next morning. Although the homework is not mandatory, I highly encourage reviewing it with your child as an integral part of this math is constant review of skills taught during the lesson. We will have a fact test every Friday.
    2. Reading: Skills are introduced and taught through the literature. We will be focusing on comprehension, vocabulary development, and reading with fluency. Other reading skills we will work on throughout the year are main idea, details, sequencing, inferences, fact & opinion, and summarizing. I highly encourage 20 minutes of reading each night. Research has shown that children who read every day for as little as 20 minutes perform better in school and on tests. We encourage kids to read at least two AR books every night and take a test on them each morning. 
    3. Language Arts: Spelling word lists will be found in the student's S.T.A.R. binder. Additional completed worksheets will go home throughout the week as we practice in class. Spelling tests will be on Friday.
    4. Library: Our class will go to the library once a week. Our library day is Thursday. Your child will be able to check one book out at a time. There are open library times if your child needs a new book before our class goes again. Books will need to be returned on time so that new ones may be checked out each week.
    5. Lunch: We have 30 minutes for lunch. Please feel free to join your child for lunch. Our lunch time is 10:50-11:20.

    6. S.T.A.R. Binders will be sent home Monday-Friday and should come back to school each day with your student. You should check this folder daily for homework, information from school, newsletters, or notes from me. This binder will also include a behavior calendar. This will enable you to be informed about your child's school day. Please make sure to initial the calendar each night!

    7. Grading: Our grading system is based on 100%. 90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 79-75 = C, 70-74 = D, and below 70 = F.


    8. Weekly Work Folders will be sent home each Monday and must be returned by Tuesday. This folder will contain your child's work for the previous week. Please help your child correct any paper with a 70 or below, sign it, and return it. Please KEEP AT HOME all other papers. Make sure you look at your Monthly Newsletter that will also be in this folder.


    9. Behavior: is handled in a positive manner. Students are rewarded for making good choices with their behavior. Each child begins the day on green- “Ready to Learn.” Students will be warned if a rule is broken. If the behavior continues, the student will move their clip to the next color (yellow, orange, and then red). Documentation of your child’s behavior will be sent home daily on their behavior calendar. Good behavior will be expected and encouraged! Your child will have several opportunities to earn class rewards for showing good     citizenship, 100% effort, and for following the rules. Here are some of the different reward systems that are in place in our classroom:

    • We Bloom Together: Our class will have the opportunity to earn a petal for every compliment we receive from another teacher, principal, or adult. Once we receive 10 petals our class will receive a fun surprise! 
    • Super Stars: Students who keep their conduct clip on green all week are allowed to bring a small stuffed animal to school on Friday to sit on their desk all day. 
    • Secret Student: Each day I will have a secret student in mind. I will watch their behavior and choices all day and at the end of the day, if I feel they had a good day, their name will be revealed and they will get to pick a prize from the treasure chest. If it was a bad day, their name will be kept a secret and they will have a chance another day.
    • AR Stars: When students reach 10, 20, 30, etc. AR points their star clip is moved on the AR board. When students move their star to the next level they get to make a special trip to the gumball machine!
    • Power Coins: Students will earn Power Coins when they are “caught” with good behavior, citizenship, kindness, etc. Power Coins will be placed in a cup with their number on the coin. Coins will be drawn from the cup at random times and when a student’s coin is drawn they will get to spin a wheel of fun activities!
    • Brag Tags: From time to time I will be awarding students with a “brag tag” that they will get to put on a keychain on their backpack. Students can earn multiple tags and will do so through numerous opportunities such as, student of the month, subtraction star, cursive crazy, star sub behavior, recess role model, AR levels, sensational speller, etc. There are lots of fun ways to brag about my super stars! 

    I am looking forward to working with your child this school year. I know it is going to be a fantastic year! Please feel free to call or email any questions or concerns. If you would like to come in for a conference, please call and make an appointment. My conference time is 12:40-1:40 Monday-Friday.