1. All school district policies concerning student behavior will be implemented to the best of my abilities.
    2. Tardy rules will be enforced. Be in your seat working on the objective and focus activities when the tardy bell sounds.
    3. NO FOOD OR DRINK will be allowed in the classroom. This is in accordance with the district policy and the Texas Education Association Science Laboratory Safety requirements. If medical documentation is present to warrant such an intake need, please supply information to the school nurse, so that all necessary medical needs can be provided.
    5. Homework activities will occur on a frequent and regular basis. To ensure success in Physics, it is important that you spend some time invested in homework activities. I will try to limit weekend homework as much as possible.
    6. Talking is permitted in class when
    a. a question has been directed to you.
    b. your raised had has been recognized by the teacher.
    c. students have been assigned to group work or seat work where the teacher has approved talking during the activity.
    7. I will ensure that the classroom is conducive to learning. It is imperative that courtesy among student be expressed. Courtesy is defined as any behavior that encourages easy movement between classroom activities, assures tolerance and acceptance of another’s attitudes and concerns, and entitles equal opportunities for learning.

    8.  Students are expected to come to class prepared at all times.  You should haveyour supplies, homework and your computer charged when you come to class.

    9. The acceptable computer use rules will be enforced at all times.
    10. Since all behaviors cannot be anticipated, I will discuss any disruptive behaviors not mentioned above as the behavior arises.
    TYPICAL RECOURSES: The recourse applied will depend upon the offense and attitude of the student.
    1. Verbal or written warning
    2. Parent phone call and 30 minute detention beginning no later than 5 minutes after dismissal bell on date assigned by teacher. If teacher assigned detention is missed then a referral to office will be sent.
    3. Parent phone call/ behavioral notice to principal and counselor/ N in conduct
    4. Parent phone call/ referral to office/ N or U in conduct, at teacher discretion.
    I hate writing referrals and I detest holding detention so it is my fervent hope that, with your cooperation, we will have no occasion to administer these recourses during the year.