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District and Campus Improvement Plans

2023-2024 District Improvement Plan

PNGISD's annual development of a District Improvement Plan helps maintain the direction of the district as we empower learners and leaders to positively impact the world. In accordance with the Texas Education Code, the superintendent is to annually develop the District Improvement Plan, with the Board of Trustees annually approving the performance objectives.

The 2023-2024 District Improvement Plan is an extension of the district’s Strategic Framework. As part of our strategic initiative, the emphasis in developing the District Improvement Plan was again placed on focusing on identified imperatives for the coming school year. 

2023-2024 District Improvement Plan

2023-2024 Campus Improvement Plans

The purpose of the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) is to improve student performance for all student populations with respect to the academic excellence indicators and other appropriate performance measures for special needs populations. The Campus Improvement Plan must be supportive of the objectives of the district improvement plan.  Each school year the principal of each school campus, with the assistance of the campus-level committee, must develop, review, and revise the Campus Improvement Plan. 

Click on the school name below to view the Campus Improvement Plan for the school.

Groves Primary School

Port Neches Primary School

Groves Intermediate School

Port Neches Intermediate School

Groves Middle School            

Port Neches Middle School

Port Neches Groves High School

Port Neches Groves Alternative Education Center