Concussion training is required for the following personnel:

    Last Name First Name Campus
    Anders Sherri RW
    Angus Cxadi GMS
    Arnaud Mike PNMS
    Austin Blake HS
    Baize Irene PNGHS
    Banks Zuri PNMS
    Begnaud Aaron PNGHS
    Barnett Alicia PNGHS
    Box Bree PNGHS
    Bradley Tony PNGHS
    Bryan Chad PNGHS
    Carter Scott PNGHS
    Cates Tracie GMS
    Cazares Jasmine GMS
    Clark Chrissey PNGHS
    Comeaux Barbara HS
    Comeaux Amber PNMS
    Corcoran Ashley GMS
    Cozad Brittany PNGHS
    Dean Maci PNMS
    Droddy Tammy PNE
    Dupuis Lorin Taft
    Easley Aaron PNGHS
    Einkauf Kyle PNGHS
    Feller Charlie PNGHS
    Fox Sarah PNMS
    Gizzi Collin PNGHS
    Graham Ashley WGELC
    Breaux Lisa PNGHS
    Guilbeaux Kristi RW
    Hebert Becky VB
    Hollier Cassie WC
    Joseph Jeff PNGHS
    Landry Brittyn WC
    Lee Katie PNGHS
    Luna Ciara PNGHS
    Lunceford Hannah GMS
    Luttrull Chad PNGHS
    Martin Adriann PNMS
    Mayfield Regan GMS
    McCrary Cade PNGHS
    McDaniel Matthew PNGHS
    Monk Allison GMS
    Mullins Andrew PNMS
    Nelson Jayce HS
    Parker Seth GMS
    Parsons Cory PNGHS
    Pigg Genny PNGHS
    Prosen Colin PNGHS
    Runnels Kathryn PNGHS
    Segura Kane PNMS
    Segura Kyler GMS
    Serna Ricardo PNGHS
    Simmons Kelli PNE
    Smith Cade PNGHS
    Smith Chris PNGHS
    Smith Jeff PNGHS
    Smithy Alexis PNGHS
    Tanner Josh PNGHS
    Tran Bailey GMS
    Visser Judy PNGHS
    Wallace David PNGHS
    Ward Lauren VB
    Westmoreland Katherine PNGHS
    Wilson Logan PNGHS
    Wolf Ruth Taft

    The personnel listed above are required to complete the NFHS Concussion in Sports online training located at https://nfhslearn.com/courses/concussion-in-sports-2

    Complete the online concussion training by August 17, 2022 and send your certificate to Staci Guarnere at stacig@pngisd.org


    • Choose TEXAS from the pull-down menu and click “Order Course”
    • Register your account
    • Once you are logged into your account, click the “Order Course” button again
    • Continue through the introductory screens
    • It will ask you if you want to join the NFHS Coaches Association ($35 membership fee), but you do NOT have to do this in order to take the free course
    • When prompted, click the “Go to my Courses” link
    • Find  the “Concussion in Sports” course under “My Courses”
    • Click the “Begin Course” button