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Mrs. Guidry

Title I Math

Kindergarden (M-TH)


First Grade (M-TH)


Second Grade (M-TH)


Third Grade (M-TH)


Testing and Progress Monitoring (F)



  • Welcome to Title 1 Math! This class is a small group setting that offers tutoring in Math. If it is recommended by your student's teacher that he/she needs extra help in Math, in addition to their classroom lessons, you will be notified and asked to give permission in order for them to participate. Childrens' learning styles can vary in so many ways. In this class I will do my very best each day to not only cater to your child's individual learning style but share my love for Math in hopes that they will see how fun it is to learn!

    Common Math Misconceptions:

    "I'm not a Math person"

    "I'll never use this again"

    "I don't have a Math brain"

    "Math is BORING!!"


    The truth is, Math is FUN!! 

    PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Practing Math facts any time your student has 5-10 minutes of free time is a great way to keep it fresh in their brain. IXL is a wonderful website that not only monitors your child's progress but focuses on improving their weak spots. Each time he/she answers a problem incorrectly, IXL generates more problems to better focus on that area. This is why I remind them that it's ok to be wrong because that means they are trying!


    1. DO MATH

    2. BE A PERSON