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Degrees and Certifications:

Standard Texas Educator Certificate Special Education Grades EC-12, Core Subjects Grades 4-8, English as a Second Language Supplemental Grades EC-12 Valid from 08/03/2017 to 10/31/2022 UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO, Cayey, PR B.A. in Secondary Education in English with coursework on Special Education (May 2011) GPA 4.0 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, Orlando, FL Graduate Coursework in Autism Spectrum Disorders (July 2013) GPA 3.75 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS IN ARLINGTON, Arlington, TX M. Ed Curriculum and Instruction with a Triple Focus on Literacy GPA: 3.78 Certified Facilitator in EnCouragement by Lynn Lott Certified in Positive Discipline in the Classroom by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott Member of the Positive Discipline Association

Mrs. Liomarys R May


It is my core belief that all students not only have the ability to learn, but that deep within, all humans have the innate desire to learn. However, in order to manifest that desire for learning, children must first feel like they belong, and they need to know that they are in a safe setting to do so. Building a classroom family and a sense of belonging in my learning communities is my number one priority at the beginning of each school year. I facilitate this process by using growth mindset lessons along with the Positive Discipline model for behavior education.

In addition, learners also need for progress and growth to be achievable. Teachers in their role as facilitators can provide this by using differentiation strategies and scaffolding techniques. My teaching practice is characterized by a model that puts its focus on student interaction and collaboration, developing critical thinking skills, direct teaching of problem solving and learning strategies, student-led and student-centered learning, small group instruction, and scaffolding. I use the SIOP model to ensure that ELLs get access to the content, embed accommodations and modifications for students with SPED needs to be served with equality in class, and minimize teacher whole class lecture to 15 minutes so, that most of the learning takes place through student collaboration, student centered experiences, and guided practice. When teaching, I use the following progression: (1) mini-lesson, (2) guided practice in small groups or pairs, and (3) independent practice.

Since the beginning of my journey I have had the experience of teaming up with wonderful professionals, families, and students to achieve learner progress and success. I have gotten to
teach children from Pre-K all the way to eight-grade in the general education curriculum, resource services, in-class support, co-teaching services, and in self-contained environments.

In addition, I have presented Professional Development (PD) sessions on Positive Behavior Interventions to foster Behavior Education in the general education classroom and Scaffolding Middle School Math for Students with Disabilities in the General Education Classroom at District Level PD events. I possess a B.A. in Secondary Education. I have also completed a M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Literacy Studies with a triple focus on Reading, ESL, and Instructional Coaching.

In selecting my reading passages and creating writing opportunities for students I pay close attention to:

+ portraying multicultural perpectives

+ incorporating authors from diverse backgrounds in my curriculum

+ promoting critical thinking skills

+ generating relevant and authentic learning activities

+ making real-world connections


Please feel free to reach out via email. I typically reply within 12 hours. Also, I encourage all caregivers and students to stay on top of Skyward Gradebook, Remind, and Google Classroom tools. 

On a personal note here you can read some quick Bio details about me:

+ I was born an raised in my beloved island of Puerto Rico. Moving to the mainland was a dream I got to achieve as an adult. I made it to Texas as soon as I could! 

+ My main professional passions include: Multicultural Education, Positive Discipline, Special Education, and Instructional Coaching.

+ I am happily married and share in the growth of 4 school-aged children with my amazing husband. 

+ My favorite hobbies include: reading books, baking, gardening, going for long walks, and cleaning.

+ These are some of my personal mantras in hashtag form: #AllIsWell #FamilyFirst #GrowthMindsetON


Stay Encouraged!

Yours in education,

Mrs. May

ABU Teacher




Teacher Aids:


Ms. Josi Arti

Miss Victoria Jackson 


Behavior Guidelines

positive discipline

    1. Make safe choices.
    2. Make kind choices.
    3. Do your personal best.
    4. Have fun learning!

    Non-Violent Communication Sentence Stem used in class by the teacher and the students:

    "When you_____, I feel______. Can you please_____?"

    Example: "When you interrupt my class I feel frustrated because I care about everyone's learning. Can you please raise your hand?" 

    What if.... a student refuses to learn positive behavior? Parents will be involved via Problem Solving Conferences led by the student him/herself. 

    Example: A student refuses to complete work.

    • Firmness is shown by allowing the natural consequence of their grade to reflect their choice instead of "saving" the child from this (sadly when we "save" children from natural consequences we send them a discouraging message of "I dont belive that you have what it takes to handle this, so I will do it for you").
    •  Kindness is practiced by simultaneously continue to encourage the student to take advantage of the opportunity to attend tutoring in order to improve.
    • Respect is also provided to the student by engaging in private open conversations that invite him/her to problem solve with support in order to find ways to complete their work.

    I will never shame a child into working. Shame is not a good teacher. Building students UP has shown positive results in my 10 years of teaching children from diverse background and abilities. 

    Positive Discipline Tools we will use in ABU include:

    +Weekly Classroom Meetings

    +Student-Led Parent Teacher Conferences every Reporting Period (via Zoom, Phone, or in person)

    +Problem Solving Meetings with the Student

    +Wheels of Choice created by the students

    +Positive Time Out at "Hawaii"

    +Natural Consecuences

    +Curious Questions (focusing on problem solving, and not on blame)

    +Logical Concecuences

    +Encouraging Words (not the same as praise)

    +Communication Folder for Families

    +A Weekly Newsletter with information about Positive Discipline Tools

    +A monthly email via Skyward with Academic Information

    +The 4 Mistaken Goals of Behavior Chart (Attention, Power, Revenge, Assumed Inadequacy) 

    +Connection before Correction

positive discipline