Administration Directory


    Administration Building, 776 Magnolia, Port Neches, TX 77651

    Superintendent's Office  409-722-4244
    Dr. Mike Gonzales, Superintendent, Ext. 1722
    Cheryl Jourdan, Executive Secretary, Ext. 1722

    Deputy Superintendent's Office  409-722-4244
    Julie Gauthier, Deputy Superintendent, Ext. 1725
    Becky Romero, Administrative Secretary, Ext. 1725
    Tracy Reinholt, Employee Benefits Specialist, Ext. 1715

    Business Office  409-722-4244
    Sheri Drawhorn, Business Manager, Ext. 1711
    Dawn Ratcliff, Secretary to the Business Manager, Ext. 1711
    Tonya Humphries, Payroll Specialist, Ext. 1714
    Vicki Linthicum, Accounts Payable Clerk, Ext. 1712
    Michele Olivier, Accounting Assistant, Ext. 1713

    Transportation/Safety Department  409-722-4244
    Christy Smith, Transportation Coordinator/Stadium Manager, Ext. 1719 
    Idelle Deitrich, Secretary, Ext. 1719

    Office for Curriculum & Instruction  409-722-4244
    Ashlie Edwards, Administrative Secretary, Ext. 1721
    Roxanne Ferguson, Elementary Curriculum Coordinator, 722-4244, Ext. 1721
    Tanya Davis, Middle School Curriculum Coordinator, 722-4244, Ext. 1721
    Jamie Toups, Assessment and Textbook Specialist, 722-4244, Ext. 1701

    Technology Department  409-722-4244
    Crystal Werkheiser, Director, Ext. 1735
    Marjorie Broussard, Secretary, Ext. 1735

    Special Education Department  409-722-4244
    Misty Higgins, Director, Ext. 1732
    Donna Robertson, Secretary, Ext. 1732
    Debbie Mallett, Diagnostician
    Michelle Rawson, Diagnostician
    Freda James, Diagnostician
    Liz Hernandez, Diagnostician
    Natasha Cecka, Diagnostician
    Barbara Landry, Diagnostician

    Child Nutrition  409-722-4244
    Melissa Nunnelly, Director, Ext. 1731
    Janice Gremillion, Secretary, Ext. 1731

    Alternative Education Center  1810 Port Neches Ave., Port Neches, TX 77651
    Phone: 409-722-5924
    Brian Wageuspack, Executive Director of Student Services  
    Stephanie Jungen, Secretary

    Maintenance Department  602 Avenue C, Port Neches, TX 77651
    Phone: 409-722-4483
    Jeff Bergeron, Director
    Angie Young, Secretary

    PN-G High School  1401 Merriman, Port Neches, TX 77651
    Phone: 409-729-7644
    Dr. Scott Ryan, Principal, Ext. 102
    Mike Ballew, Assistant Principal, Ext. 135
    Don Sandell, Assistant Principal, Ext. 116
    Amber Oleksy, Assistant Principal, Ext. 300

    Jon Deckert, Director of Student Activities, Ext. 103
    Brett McPhatter, High School Curriculum Coordinator, Ext. 107
    Jeff Joseph, Athletic Director, Ext. 123
    Barbara Comeaux, Girls Athletic Coordinator, Ext. 131

    Groves Middle School  5201 Wilson, Groves, TX 77619
    Phone: 409-962-0225
    Dr. Paul Bryan, Principal
    Brenda Brevell, Assistant Principal

    Port Neches Middle School  749 Central Drive, Port Neches, TX 77651
    Phone: 409-722-8115
    Kyle Hooper, Principal
    Brian Richardson, Assistant Principal

    Groves Elementary  3901 Cleveland, Groves, TX 77619
    Phone: 409-962-1531
    Mandie Champagne, Principal

    Port Neches Elementary  2101 Llano, Port Neches, TX 77651
    Phone: 409-722-2262
    Kimberly Carter, Principal

    Ridgewood Elementary  2820 Merriman, Port Neches, TX 77651
    Phone: 409-722-7641
    Kevin Schexnaider, Principal

    Taft Elementary  2500 Taft, Groves, TX 77619
    Phone: 409-962-2262
    Staci Gary, Principal

    Van Buren Elementary  6400 Van Buren, Groves, TX 77619
    Phone: 409-962-6511
    Joey Cegielski, Principal

    Woodcrest Elementary  1522 Heisler, Port Neches, TX 77651
    Angela Abel, Principal

    Early Learning Center  First Christian Church, Port Arthur

    Phone:  409-963-1215
    Tanya Davis, Director