Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Medlock

My name is Becky Medlock. I have been a part of the Indain Nation for the past 7 years due to my husband, Peter Medlock, coaching High School Football. This is my second year to be a part of PNG ISD as a teacher. We bleed purple in the Medlock home! I am also mom to Jackson, Karis, and Gabby. 

I have been in the Educational world for 10 years, and teaching and children are my passion. I am thrilled to get to teach 8th grade ELAR and ESL this year. I am available any school day that you may have a need. My conference time is from 12:23- 1:13 everyday. My email is and my class phone number is 409-962-0225 ext804. Please contact me at any time and I will be sure to get back with you. Communication is key for all students to succeed this school year!

My classroom rules are very simple: 1. Respect everyone within the classroom. 2. Treat others with kindness and have a good attitude. 3. Make no excuses, own your mistakes and learn from them. 4. There will always be a consequence for behaviors, whether good or bad. 


Tutorials will be available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 7:45-8:10. I help with an organization on campus and we meet on Tuesday and Friday mornings, if a student needs me on one of those days they need to get with me BEFORE that morning to make arrangements.


Supplies needed for this class are: Notecards, Single Subject spiral, 2 rolls of tape. Please make sure that each students has the necessary pens, pencils, highlighters, and crayons or map pencils.

Remind Codes for each class!

1st Period ELAR- @92hcc2k22g

2nd Period ESL- @38h3cgfb2d

3rd Period ESL- @bhd33d2bbe

4th Period ELAR- @aedc3323g7

7th Period ELAR- @c4b74h384h

9th Period ELAR- @f2ae4ege6k


Google Classroom Links!

1st Period ELAR- sgwilg7

2nd Period ESL- 6oias6u

3rd Period ESL- 7kfpthy

4th Period ELAR- k7idww2

7th Period ELAR- 4fvgjgt

9th Period ELAR- shn2yrx


Looking forward to an aweseom school year! 

Mrs. Medlock