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  • Welcome to Groves Middle School! I am the nurse and I am in charge of the health and well being of the students and staff here on our campus. 



    Please keep your child home if they have vomited or are running fever. They must be free of these symptoms 24 hours before returning to school. If you have concerns please contact me. 



    It may be necessary for your child to take medications at school. There are forms for over the counter medication that the parent must turn in with the medication in order for this medication to be admisnitered at school. There is a separate form for perscription medications that must be signed by the physician. Medications must be brought to the school in the orginal container and are stored in the nurses office. Medication can be adminsitered once the appropriate forms are signed. You can find these forms under the forms section on this page or the are also located at the front desk and in my office. Inhalers and EpiPens that may need to be carried on the student have specifif forms as well. 


    If your child has a life threatening allergy please come discuss this with me. There are forms that need to be filled out by you and signed by the physician. If your child carrries an EpiPen on them this is okay. There is also a designated allergy table in the cafeteria your student is welcomed to sit at with his or her friends. 


    No medication can be sent home with your student. A parent or guardian must pick up medications from campus. 



    Vision/Hearing Screening are done on all 7th grade students. If your child doesn't pass these screenings a referral letter will be mailed home. If you recieve a referral please follow the instructions on the mailed out form and return it to me. 


    Scolisos Screening are done on all 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys and or any female students ages 10-12 and male students ages 13-14. If your student doesn't pass this screening a referral letter will be mailed home. If you recieve a referral please follow the instuctions on the mailed out form and return it to me. 


    Head Checks are done as needed at Groves Middle School. If your child is sent home please treat them as well as your house with an over the counter treatment such as RID, LICE, ICE, ETC. These treatments can be found at any pharmacy. If your child has a bad case of lice it may be necessary to treat with a perscription medication that you can get from your doctor. 



    The state requires that all students are up to date on immunizations to be in school. 7th grade students are required to have the following vaccinations prior to picking up their schedule. 

    1. TDAP Booster

    2. Meningoccocal


    These vaccinations are normally given after their 12th birthday however, some doctors give a little sooner. If your child has recived these vaccinations even in 6th grade please turn in their updated vaccination record. It is not advised to wait until just before school starts to get these vaccinations as there are often shortages at this time. 

    Your student will be sent home, on the first day of school, if they have not recieved the required vaccinations from the Texas Department of Health prior to starting the school year. 

    If you choose not to vaccination your student, you can visit the Texas Department of Health Website at,,  and apply for a Conscious Affidavit. It must be notarized and turned into the nurse prior to or on your student's schedule pick up date. 

    The list of required vacciations is on my page or by visiting the Texas Department of Health Website at,, to view the required vaccinations for all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and how to obtain a Medical or Religious Exemption. 

    Please contact me if you have any questions regaurding any of the information listed above. 


    Allison Monk R.N., B.S.N. 


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