Port Neches Elementary is committed to excellence in education. The purpose of Title I is to improve the basic programs of PNE. This will provide opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the state content standards (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills--TEKS) as well as to meet state performance standards (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness--STAAR).  PNE will maximize its resources to enable each child to become a succesful learner. On-going and meaningful communication between school and home will occur to facilitate mutual understanding to stimulate student success.

    Port Neches Elementary will make every effort to include parents in the development, evaluation, and revision of the Title I Program to provide excellence in education.

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      Committee Members:  

    Kimberly Carter-Principal
    Tracie Kotz-Counselor
    D'Anna Seward - Title Reading Teacher
    Tayler Saumell - Title Math Teacher
    Lori Foster - 4th Grade Teacher
    Lisa LeTulle - 5th Grade Teacher
    Jana Berg - Paraprofessional Physical Ed
    Ashlie Edwards - Paraprofessional Special Ed
    Melinda Martinez - Parent
    Jessica Romero - Parent
    James Rodriguez - Parent
    Kendra Gray - Parent
    Megan Marshall - Parent
    Katrina Brent - Community Rep
    Robert Montgomery - Community Rep
    Chad Anderson - Business Rep

    Dates of Meetings:

    August 23, 2018 - Fall
    April 25, 2019 - Spring