These sites have been selected to assist you and your student. They will guide you to homework help, STAAR review, and etextbooks.To access any one of these sites, all you need to do is move your cursor over the picture and click. It is that easy.
        Please let us know if you have a really great site that we should add to our list. We love to learn new things.
    Accelerated Reading Links

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    Online Textbooks

     Social Studies textbook
    User: 5-3-3
    PW:lunch number

    Texas Write Source
    (English/Writing book)
    Click on the icon

    Science Website
    User: 5+3+000
    Password: lunch number
    Math Online Textbook
    Image result for pearson realize logo
    User: Mrsbrawner4

    5th Grade Reading Book
     Online Spelling Book
    User: txstudent
    Password: zbspelling
    School ID: txschool

    Image result for seussville sign

    4th Grade Reading Book
    Into the Book 
    User name:portneches2
    PW: school

    User name: portneches2
    PW: school

    STAAR Reading Vocabulary Practice 

    Online computer lessons

    Safe Search Engines
    for school
    Online STAAR practice

    Colonial Williamsburg
    User: portneches
    Password: brainpop