• Music

    PNE Music Teacher:  Mrs. Cade

    We are the Music Makers and The Dreamers of Dreams!  

    Welcome 4th & 5th grade students to PNE!  Let's have a great year! 

    August - Back To School Bash!  Meet the teachers!  Let's Start School! 

    September - Choir and Band starts! 

    October - Let's add Recorders and Ukuleles!

    November - 5th Grade Music Program! Mid-County Madness Pep Rally!

    December - Choir/Band Christmas Tour!  

    January - Review music basics:  theory, singing, and playing instruments

    February - Participating in sharing "Acts of Kindness"!

    March - Music In Our Schools Month!  Spring Break!  

                4th Grade Music Program

    April -  Composing!  Singing!  Playing Instruments!  Listening!  Dancing!    

    May -  Putting It All Together! Field Trips! Awards!  Talent Show!








  • Cade, Debbie

    Business  dcade@pngisd.org



  • 7:40 - 8:10   Choir (M-5th/Th-4th)

    8:30 - 9:15   Conference 

    9:15-10:00    5th/5th

    10:00-10:45  5th/5th 

    10:50-11:35  5th/5th 

    11:35-12:10  Lunch Duty

    12:10-12:40  Lunch

    1:00-1:45      4th5th 

    2:00 - 2:45    4th 

    2:45-3:25      WIN