• Counselor's Corner

    Instructor: Kim Bell, M.Ed.

    Welcome!  My name is Mrs. Kim Bell, the counselor at Taft Elementary.  The goal of our counseling is to support the healthy growth and development of the total child {social, emotional, and academic} in his/her world of school, home, and community.  This process of growth is encouraged through classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling, consultation with parents, teachers, and coordination of services.  We will emphasize character education, as well as visit universal topics such as conflict resolution, bullying, drug awareness, and personal safety throughout the year.  Please, contact me if you have any further questions or concerns at 409-962-2262 or kbell@pngisd.org.   

Class Announcements

  • Counseling Classes

    We will have counseling classes where we will emphasize great character and what this looks like in each of us. The Six Pillars of Character Education we will focus on are: Trustworthiness Respect Responsibility Fairness Caring CitizenshipOther units covered throughout the year are: Conflict Resolution Gun Safety Drug Awareness Good Touch / Bad Touch Emergency 911 Bullying Interpersonal Skills …

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  • Small Group Counseling

    Students are invited to participate in small group counseling sessions. Children who share a common concern meet together with the counselor to talk and to share activities. If your child will benefit from these groups, please contact me. At times during the year your child may come home with a letter requesting participation in a group. The following groups may be available during our school …

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  • Newsletter

    Each month we will send home a copy of the "Home and School Connection". This newsletter has valuable information to support our children at school as well as at home.
    Home & School Connection newsletter this month:http://goo.gl/EPPTKg

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  • Backpack Buddy Program

    We at Taft Elementary value the whole child and their needs. We are very fortunate to provide the Backpack Buddy Program to our students.
    Purpose: Supplemental food provides healthy minds and bodies. Children who rely on free or reduced lunches at school are often hungry on the weekends. Our Backpack Buddy Program discreetly provides child friendly, nonperishable, nutritious food for children in …

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  • Jude Bell, Certified Therapy Dog

    Jude Bell and I are a Certified Therapy Team. Jude will be visiting my classroom periodically to assist with classes as well as individual and group sessions.

    Social Benefits: Students build self esteem, confidence, and social skills. Fosters feelings of safety and acceptance. Teachers to give rather than receive. Trusting relationships are formed.
    Research also shows that therapy dogs are …

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