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Mrs. Abbott


    HOMEROOM - 1

    Welcome to Mrs. Abbott's First Grade Class!

    "The more that you read, the more you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go!"
    -Dr. Seuss

    I am so blessed to be your child's teacher! Feel free to contact me when needed; parent-teacher communication is so important! We are going to have a fantastic year!


                     Our Schedule

    • 7:45-9:55 - Class Instruction
    • 9:55-10:15 - Recess
    • 10:15-11:15 - SAT time/small groups
    • 11:15-11:58 - Class Instruction 
    • 11:58-12:28 - Lunch
    • 12:28-1:10 - Class Instruction
    • 1:10-2:10 - P.E. and Music
    • 2:10-3:00 - Class Instruction 



                                Whole Body Listening!

    • My eyes are looking.
    • My ears are listening.
    • My mouth is quiet. 
    • I am sitting up tall with my bottom flat in my chair or on the floor.
    • My hands are down and still.
    • My feet are down and still.
    • My brian is thinking about what is being said.
    • I am proud when I use whole body listening!



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    PLEASE send all money in an envelope or plastic bag, label with your child's name, and what the money is for. We cannot trust a First Grader to tell us what the money is for.

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    Your child is welcome to bring a snack to school everyday. Please send it in a separate bag, with no peanut products, please!

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    Your child will have one page of math homework Monday-Thursday. The homework will be in his/her green homework folder. The homework goes with what we are learning, and will help prepare them for their test at the end of the Topic.

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    Saxon Phonics

    Please be sure and check your child's green Saxon folder every night. Your child will have Saxon homework Monday-Thursday. Also, on Tuesday and Thursday, he/she will have Saxon reader. Please listen to your child read his/her reader, sign it and return it to school the next day. These readers contain the sight words and the skills we are covering. I will check your signature and return the book …

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