Mrs. Lawrence's Students from Around the World

    English as a Second Language (ESL) Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
       My name is Mrs. Jill Lawrence.  I teach English as a Second Language at Van Buren Elementary.  If you are learning English, you will find it is not as hard as you might think.  You will also discover, you are not alone.  Many students are afraid when they first start school.  They cannot understand what the teachers or the other students are saying.  Before long you will start to understand more and more English and feel comfortable in your new country.  I have taught students from  Albania, Cambodia, Chili, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, India, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Vietnam.  They speak Albanian, Arabic, Gujurati, Filipino, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Sindhi, Spanish, Tagalog, Telugu, Urdu, and Vietnamese.  My students truly do come from around the world.  I feel very fortunate to meet them and help them adjust to a new language and a new cultural environment.  Welcome to my class! 

World Meeting Times

  • Daily Schedule  

    7:15-7:45     Teacher Duty in Cafeteria (Mondays)


    7:30-8:15      ESL Computer Lab
    8:15-8:45      Individual Intervention
    8:45-9:10      Individual Intervention and Testing
    9:10-9:40      Kindergarten- McAfee/Brent
    9:40-10:10    Kindergarten- Brown/Smith/Sturdivant
    10:10-10:40  First Grade- Ancelet/Best/Miller
    10:40-11:10  First Grade- Gaspard/Miller
    11:10-11:55  Teacher Conference
    11:55-12:25  Lunch
    12:30-1:00    Second Grade- Belaire
    1:00-1:30      Second Grade- Brashers/Downs
    1:35-2:05      Third Grade- Sweeney/Woodard
    2:05-2:35      Third Grade- Leger/Woodard
    2:50-3:30      Consultation with Teachers/Paperwork


Guidelines for World Peace

  • Classroom Rules

    1. Enter room quietly and be ready to work.
    2. Be respectful to teacher and peers.
    3. Be accepting of cultural differences. (Making fun of another's culture, accent, or
    difficulty in speaking/understanding English is not tolerated.)
    4. Be a good listener and ask questions to improve understanding.
    5. Complete assignments to the best of one's abilities.
    6. Share classroom supplies and put things …

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  • Lawrence, Jill

    Email:  jilllawrence@pngisd.org
      Van Buren Elementary: 962-6511 ext. 8111