• Counselor's Corner

    Mrs. Lang, M.Ed.


    Counseling . . . Putting the Pieces Together Again

    The counseling program at Woodcrest Elementary is designed to meet the social, emotional and academic needs of the students. It is structured to meet those needs through individual, group and class sessions. Some of the topics addressed are personal and safety skills, character education, conflict resolution and drug awareness. The school slogan "Only My Best Always" is promoted and encouraged as a reminder to the Woodcrest students to accept nothing less than their best.


Welcome to our Counselor's Corner

  • Let's Plan to Have a Good Day!

    A positive beginning can make all the difference. It can start at home or after the child gets at school, but, when we work together as a team, we can ensure that a happy day has a chance to bloom in the life of your child. A warm hug and affectionate goodbye in the morning will go a long way toward shaping your child's day. Then, the torch is passed to us when the child arrives at school…

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  • Resources for Counseling Sessions

    I have a many, many resources that I will use to meet the needs of your child, both socially and emotionally. These resources are designed to be appealing to their age group, which encourages participation and opens discussion.

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  • A Comforting Classroom

    My cozy classroom is the place we learn, laugh and explore feelings. Our time spent here helps us to know how to keep ourselves safe, make and keep friends, what it means to be a “Kid for Character” and remembering to treat others the way we want to be treated. We’re encouraged often by reminding ourselves “What I am is Good Enough”.

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Notes from the Counselor

  • Schedule Summary:

    1. Individual counseling (as needed)
    2. Small group counseling (weekly)
    3. Classroom guidance counseling (monthly)

    Woodcrest Students
      Have P. R. I. D. E.! 

    Class Rules
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    1. Enter quietly.
    2. Choose your seat.
    3. Raise your hand and wait
         to be called on.
    4. Listen when others talk.
    5. Be kind to one another.
    6. Remember to be 
        "Kids for Character."

    Units Covered:

    1. Building Good Character
    2. Conflict Resolution
    3. Gun Safety
    4. Drug Awareness
    5. Good Touch/Bad Touch
    6. Emergency Call 911
    7. Personal Safety
    8. Bullying
    9. Interpersonal Skills
    10. Positive Self Awareness

    Our Campus is a
      No-Bully Zone!     

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    When Your Child is Sad

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    Please click on the links below for suggestions to help ease your child's suffering.

    Helping Children who have Lost a Loved One

    Grief and Loss

    Helping Children Deal with Grief

    When the Family Pet Dies

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    A smile is contagious.
          Pay it forward!

Class Contacts

  • Lackey, Sharon

    Email: slackey@pngisd.org
    Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns you may have.