• Welcome


    I am so excited to begin this second grade journey with "our child" and see how much they grow this year!! I became a teacher because your child's life is worth my time. I am blessed to be able to spend one brief year with your child making memories that will last a lifetime.  I have been teaching second grade for over 30 years and LOVE it.  I am married Jim Dykes and we have three amazing children, Bailey, Brant and Blaire. Bailey is a speech pathologist working in Cypress. Brant is a mechanical engineer and is working in Houston. Blaire is also a speech pathologist and works in Groves at a skilled nursery facility. We all came to Woodcrest together when they were in elementary school and have great memories of being together. My goal is to make great memories with this class of second graders, too. Second grade is filled with lots of learning and I want to thank you for entrusting me to prepare "our child" to be a lifelong learner. 

    I already know this will be an Amazing Year!!



     Welcome to Mrs. Dykes's second grade!  We love learning and having fun!
    Some helpful tips and reminders for a successful year are:
    • be at school on time and prepared to begin the day with ALL materials
    • tardy bell rings at 7:50!
    • make sure a parent or guardian initials the STAR notebook EVERY day!
    • completely finish all homework if assigned
    • A parent or guardian MUST check and initial all homework
    • Clean out the STAR Notebook every day!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to email me at
    contact me on Remind101
    or call Woodcrest 724-2309 
    Thank you for helping me help our child be successful in second grade!
    I can't wait to see the growth of each child as we experience second grade together.
    It is a privilege to
    be part of your child's life!


  • Important Information

    1. Math: Second grade math focuses on memorization of facts and daily problem solving.  An integral part of this math is constant review of skills taught during the lesson. Math facts will be sent home on Monday with a timed test on Friday. We will cover addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.  Daily math skills taught in class will go home to review skill.
    2. Reading: Skills are introduced and taught through the literature. We will be focusing on comprehension, vocabulary development, and reading with fluency. Other reading skills we will work on throughout the year are main idea, details, sequencing, inferences, fact & opinion, and summarizing. Vocabulary words will be sent home each week with a test on Wednesday.
    3. Language Arts: Spelling word lists will be sent home on Mondays with a test on Friday. We will study the different parts of grammar and quiz over each part weekly. 
     4. Behavior: is handled in a positive manner. Students are rewarded for making good choices with their behavior. Each child begins the day on green- “Ready to Learn.” Students will be warned if a rule is broken. If the behavior continues, the student will move their magnet to the next color (yellow, orange, red and then blue). Documentation of your child’s behavior will be sent home daily on their STAR Notebook with a note. Parents MUST initial the conduct area daily.
     5. Library: Our class will go to the library once a week. Our library day is Tuesday. Your child will be able to check two books out at a time. There are open library times if your child needs a new book before our class goes again. Books will need to be returned on time so that new ones may be checked out each week.
     6. Lunch: We have 30 minutes for lunch. Please feel free to join your child for lunch. Our lunch time is 10:50-11:20.
     7. STAR Notebooks will be sent home Monday-Friday and should come back to school each day with your student.  Please go over your child’s papers and check for notes sent from school. If you need to send a note, write it in the space next to the date.
     8.  If a paper has a grade of 70 or below, it must be signed and sent back to school. Work that we completed or checked together will have a check mark on it rather than a grade. Please review the work and go over any missed problems with your student.
     I am looking forward to working with your child this school year. I know it is going to be a fantastic year!