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    Kindergarten-Mrs. Nguyen's Winners!

    Instructor: MRS. NGUYEN


    Thank you for visiting my page!  This is my 6th year as an educator and I am happy to say that it is still my passion!  

    Kindergarten is a very important year for children.  It is the foundation of education and it is where children get their first taste of school.  My goal as a kindergarten teacher is to get my students excited about learning so that they develop a life-long thirst for knowledge!

    We will be learning letters, sounds, and by the end of the year we will be reading!  Math, Writing, Science and Social Studies will be a very important part of our daily routine as well.  Another equally important part of Kindergarten is developing social skills and making friends!
    If you ever have any questions, concerns or need to share something with me, please feel free to email me (anguyen@pngisd.org), call me (leave a message with the office and I will call you back as soon as possible), or set an appointment during my conference time.

    I love getting to know my students as well as their families because we are all an important part of your child's education.  I look forward to this year with your child and I know, with your support and help, that this will be a great year for everyone!

    Mrs.  Nguyen


    Below are some great websites that your child can use to enhance his/her learning:

    http://www.learning.com (username: kinder, password: kinder, district: Port Neches-Groves ISD)

Life's A Hoot in Kindergarten!

    Please check your child's Indian Notebook daily.  Inside you will find a weekly homework calendar, homework, important notes and the behavior chart.  It is a very important tool for parent/teacher communication. 

  • Our Schedule

    8:00-8:30 Bell Ringer/Morning Meeting

    8:30-8:45 Restroom

    8:45-9:15 Library/Computer Lab/Counseling

    9:15-9:40 Phonics Whole Group Instruction

    9:40-10:40 Centers/Small Group Literacy Instruction

    10:40-10:45 Restroom

    10:45-11:15 Lunch

    11:15-11:20 Restroom

    11:20-12:15 Math

    12:15-12:45 Recess

    12:45-1:45 Music/P.E.

    1:45-2:00 Snack

    2:00-2:45 Social Studies/Science

    2:45-2:50 Clean up

    2:50-3:00 Prepare for Dismissal

  • Class Rules

    1. Treat others how you want to be treated.

    2. Be prepared and ready to learn.

    3. Follow directions at all times.

    4. Take care of the classroom


  • Stay updated by joining me on REMIND 101!  On your cell phone, text the message @amandang to 810810. or, send an email to amandang@mail.remind.com.  This is a useful way to receive reminders and updates throughout the year.