• Mrs. Worley's Wonderful Kindergarteners

    Instructor: CHERYL WORLEY

     Although I have been teaching kindergarten for several years, I am always so excited about starting a new year.  It was so much fun meeting all my sweet boys and girls at "Meet the Teacher" night. Thank you for trusting me with your precious child.  I promise to do my best love and care for your child while they are at school. I will make myself available to meet with you anytime you have questions concerning your child's progress or any questions you may have about our classroom.  Simply call the office (724-2309 ext. 4633)  and leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I can also be reached by email - cworley@pngisd.org 


  • Share Bear

    Share Bear is our class "bear". Every Friday Share Bear will choose a friend to visit for the weekend. Please help your child write about what they did while Share Bear was with them. Also try to include photographs or drawings of their weekend together. On Monday morning, the child who took Share Bear home will sit in our special "Share Bear Chair" while I read about their weekend together. …

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  • Mrs. Worley's Wish List

    From time to time parents ask me what are some things I need for my classroom. I will list a few things that I use most often and find myself buying throughout the year. (Please do not feel obligated to purchase any of these items). Thank you in advance .
    1. Stickers (I use 22 or more stickers everyday).
    2. Computer ink - ( I use my printer to print lots of pictures for our class books) hp …

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  • Remind 101

    To participate in receiving text message reminders, simply text 81010- with the message @2h668
    Rest assured that you will not receive advertisement texts and your phone number will remain private. It is my hope that this will help strengthen the home-school connection. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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  • Snacks

    Be sure to check your child's Indian Notebook each month for the snack calendar. You will be asked to bring snacks once a month for the whole class (22 students). Please refer to the suggested snack list that was in the purple folder at "Meet the Teacher" night. We do have some students with allergies to nuts, so please DO NOT send any food items with peanuts, peanut butter or any kinds of nuts …

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  • Homework

    Please practice letters and letter sounds with your child a few minutes every night. Also begin counting with your child and see how far they can count. But the most important activity you can do each night is READ to your child. This is the best way to teach your child how to read and to love to read!

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  • INDIAN Notebooks

    Be sure to check your child's "Indian Notebook" each night. You will find very important notes and daily work. Sometimes there will be homework in the front pocket for you to help your child complete at home. Also be sure to look at the behavior pocket that is attached in the front of the notebook. Inside the pocket you will find a card (purple, orange or yellow). They card will indict your …

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Discussion Topics

  • Classroom Management

    Posted by CHERYL WORLEY on 1/8/2018 8:00:00 AM
    I believe that all children are capable of behaving well
     in the classroom. That being said, here is our behavior plan:
    Our class has 6 rules and we will review them every day:
    1. Listen when someone is talking.
    2. Follow directions quickly and quietly.
    3. Raise your hand to speak.
    4. Respect others. Respect yourself. Respect your school.
    5. Be safe. Be honest.
    6. Make your teachers happy.
    If your child is spoken to about a rule, I will fill out a form. This does not mean they were "in trouble" or that they necessarily had a consequence. It just means we talked about it and your probably should too. If your child has an issue that is concerning me, I will either send you a note OR call you. 
    In addition, each day the students will receive a card (in their Indian Notebooks) representing their behavior for that day. Please check the card and return it the next day.

    PURPLE- The teacher recognized me as having an AMAZING day.
    ORANGE-  I was right on track and did what I was told. 
    YELLOW - I had several warnings about behavior.

    I expect your child to be on orange every day. Purples will be awarded when deserved and not a daily thing. 
    This system, will, of course, be taught to your children in class AND there will be supports in place to ensure your child is reporting the correct color card. You will be surprised at how capable and honest your child will be using this system. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you very much!

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  • 7:50-8:15  -  Morning Work - Prepare for the day. 
    8:15-8:45 *LCC- Library, Computer, Counseling
    8:45-9:00- Morning Meeting
    9:00-9:45 - Phonics/Reading
    9:45-10:45- SAT / Work Stations/Small Group Reading/ Class Review 
    10:45-11:00- Finish Reading , Journal Writing, Storytime
    11:00-11:30- Lunch
    11:30-12:00- Math
    12:00-12:30- Recess
    12:30-1:30- PE/Music - Teacher's Conference TIme
    ​1:40-2:10- Science/Social Studies
    ​2:10-2:20- Rest/Snacks
    2:20-2;45- Finish any Reading and Math Work or Fun Centers (if time allows)
    2:45- Prepare to go home
    2:50- Bus riders dismissed
    2:55- walk the students out front 
    *Monday - Library
    *Tuesday- Computer Lab
    *Wednesday - Counselor (once a month)