Hello, I am Tammy Droddy, your child's Physical Education teacher!  I am married and have 5 kids of my own!  I love KIDS!  I have been teaching for 21 years and am very happy to be a part of the PNG family!  I love teaching P.E. at Woodcrest. We will learn lots of fun things and the importance of being physically active! For your child's safety, it is very important for your child to wear tennis shoes in P.E. 


    Conference:  11:15-12:00

    Phone:  (409)724-2309

    Email:   tdroddy@pngisd.org



    2019-20 P.E. SCHEDULE

    7:20-7:45             Morning Duty

    8:15-8:45            FIRST GRADE (Bell/Sims)

    8:45-9:15            FIRST GRADE (Cobb/Perkins)

    9:15-9:45            Administrative Duties

    9:45-10:15          KINDERGARTEN  (Quebedeaux/Johnson)

    10:15-10:45        KINDERGARTEN  (Stafford/Ashworth)

    10:45-11:15        Lunch

    11:15-12:00        CONFERENCE

    12:00-12:35        Lunch Duty

    12:40-1:10          SECOND GRADE (Baxter/Stone)

    1:10-1:40            SECOND GRADE (Dykes/Haining)

    1:45-2:15            THIRD GRADE (Davis/Webb)

    2:15-2:45            THIRD GRADE (Burks/Morgan)

    2:55-3:20            Afternoon Duty


    Expect lots of excitement
      when we anticipate our
    Indians' success in sports!


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    *When your child will be unable to fully participate in P.E., or is limited from participating in some way, please send a doctor's note with him or her.