Instructor: D. MARTINEZ

  • Information for New Teachers regarding day to day tasks at GMS

    Some reminders on what to do and not to do on the PNGISD network:

    Saving Files:


    If you want access to your stuff globally (at home, at school, at the Football game, In Europe), I STRONGLY advise you to save everything to your Google drive.

    You will never run out of space as a Google for Education user.

    You do not take up any space on your local computer or on your network drives.

    You can share any folder/document/picture/audio/video stored on your Google drive with anyone you wish.

    It is available even if your desktop computer gets run over by a train!


    Please do NOT save files that you want to keep anywhere on your computer other than your desktop or to the ‘My Documents’ folder.  Any files you create should be saved there and/or to your Google Drive.

    Files lost on your local computer when it crashes CANNOT be recovered, but files saved to your desktop, my documents and Google will remain because they are automatically backed up. Any downloaded files will ONLY be available on the computer you used to download them, unless you move them to one of the folders that are automatically backed-up.


    Here are some explanations about what is available/stored/backed up on some of our network computers. (If you do not have access to some of these folders, I am sorry. I cannot grant you access to folders that the IT department does not want to give you access to. They have a legitimate reason for that denial of access.)


    H:\ drive – This is your personal drive.  Only you and IT can see its contents.  You are restricted to space on this drive. This is where your “My Documents”  and “Desktop” folders are backed up.


    GMS-Server – Global (School Wide) share of information for the school. Not accessable from home.  

    Curriculum- I do not know its purpose, but it is empty, as far as I can see.

    GMSLabs - has Various folders with information/documents for your use.

    You can save files to this folder. Your students can save files to this folder. You can share files with other teachers by saving in this folder. Just make sure you create a folder with your name on it so you and everyone else knows whose stuff it is. Please do not edit or delete any file that was not created by you or your student for your class.

    VideoAnnouncements -  is a folder under GMSLabs is where Mrs. McCoy’s students save the biweekly Highlight videos they produce.

    Mimio has lessons for the Mimio devices by subject.

    Staff - This is where your H; drive is.

    Files - a folder used by the Technology department to give the technicians access to files they need.


    If you see a computer named GMS-’yourname’ (EX: GMS-Martinez), that is your school computer showing up on our network, Your computer may have the name of a previous teacher or GMS and a 5 digit number (GMS-12345). Normally there is nothing available on that PC because there is nothing shared on that PC. This does not mean that you are logged on to the computer, but that the computer is ON


    If you think an email is not valid, please do not forward it.Check it out on http://hoaxbusters.ciac.org/ to see if your suspicions are valid.

    We have campus-wide broadcast of channels on our televisions. Currently the channels are 3 and 70

    Google Drive Help

    If you have one of Mr. Williams students, please share your lesson plans with him. See here to learn how:

    Sharing stuff in Drive with another person/teacher

    Working with and editing Microsoft Office files in Google Docs

    Google Docs help from GFC Free.com

    Other Technology Problems

    Procedure to get a website unblocked.

    Netspective server not available error


    Add a printer Instructions

    How to print files sent to the copier


    How to print your gradebook from Skyward

    Mimio Studio

    Mimio Studio user’s guide

    Mimio studio – short video lessons

    Mimio Studio – longer vIdeo lessons

    Display Problems

    How to fill your entire laptop screen with your desktop.


    Ipad Solutions

    Email – How to get to your email from the house.

    Go to http://www.google.com, click “Sign In” in the top right corner. Enter your complete email address. Enter your password. You’ve got mail.

    Help with Google drive and Chrome Extensions

    These files are from Google.com.

    1 Gmail – Sending, replying, attachments. and printing

    2 Gmail – Compose at a glance

    3 Gmail – Signatures, labels, and filters

    4 Contacts – Create groups and mailing lists

    5 Google Apps – Recommended Gmail and Calendar Labs

    6 Google Drive – Access and organize your files