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Hamilton's House Rules...(well, I had to call it something)


Not unlike Calculus, the rules of my classroom are well-balanced and make sense with the universe.  
1. Be at your best; give your best. 
    a) Be respectful of yourself and to your classmates and your teacher.
    b) Be attentive.
    c) Be prepared for class:
        i) Backpacks, purses, bags, etc. in the front of the room 
        ii) Spiral, pencil, pen, eraser, (maybe a highlighter if you wish), paper at desk
        iii) Homework in basket before the bell rings
        iv) Be in your seat before the bell rings.
        v) No calculator use is permitted, unless I tell you otherwise.
        vI) Water only is permitted at your desk, no other food or beverages.
        vii) Only work on math, no other subject.
        viii) No cell phone use, ever. Place your phone in the pocket chart. Place your phone in such a mode (e.g. "do not disturb") so that your phone will not ring nor vibrate from notifications; otherwise, turn it off. Similarly, no smart watch, tablet, iPod, etc. use during class. 

Quick info:

Homework:  1) assigned everyday
                  2) due next class day before beginning bell
                  3) late work is due by next class day (before beginning bell)
                     - can only earn 70% credit
                  4) prepares you for the next day's lesson and possible homework quiz

Quizzes:   1) are a thing
                2) provide feedback comparable to that of an exam
                3) are over formulas I give to or and/or homework from last class
                4) should be considered while completing the homework
                5) may be given at random
                6) go on the daily average

Weeklys:     1) assigned once a week, every week
                  2) due on Thursday or Friday (whichever day you have math)
                  3) due on Wednesday (by 3:20 PM) for 2 points extra credit 
                  4) prepare you for coming lessons and provide consistent year-long review of old concepts

Exams:       1) usually 2 per 6 weeks
                  2) provide basis for 60% of 6 weeks grade 
                     - 40% comes from homework, Weeklys, and in-class quizzes

Tutorials:     1) usually every morning and afternoon (except Fridays)
                     - mornings: by 7:30 AM (Thursdays by 7 AM)
                     - afternoons: til 3:20 PM
                   2) make-up exams are Thursday mornings at 6 AM

To receive reminders and announcements from me:

            1st Period: text @bewise1 to 81010
           2nd Period: text @besmart2 to 81010                 

           4th Period: text @bekind4 to 81010

           5th Period: text @begenerous to 81010
           7th Period: text @bebrave7 to 81010
           8th Period: text @bestrong8 to 81010