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Pickup, Dropoff and Cell Phone Policies for the 2018-2019 School Year

July 31, 2018


Dear Parents and Guardians,


We would like to welcome you and your students to the Port Neches-Groves ISD and to Groves Middle School.  We hope all of our students had an enjoyable summer break. The following is information about our before and after school procedures for this school year for student arrival and departure.  Also, included is our updated cell phone policy.


Our cafeteria will be open at 7:00 a.m. for early arrivals. All students will report to the cafeteria until the first bell sounds.  We have tutorials for students needing extra assistance in their class in the mornings from 7:45 a.m. to 8:10 a.m. Our school day for students is 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  


Bus Procedures:

Our bus loading/unloading zone is in the parking lot along Van Buren Street in the bus driveway.  In the mornings, buses will unload students outside of the cafeteria.  After school, students riding the bus home will meet in cafeteria and sit at assigned tables while waiting for their bus.  When their bus arrives teachers will dismiss the students to their assigned bus for loading and departure. The drive is for buses only, no cars are allowed in the drive during bus unloading and loading times.


Car Procedures:

The morning student drop-off area is in the front drive, along the sidewalk in front of the auditorium steps to the curve just before the canopy.  Students will enter the building into the cafeteria through the doors by the picnic tables. Parents are not allowed to drive through the parking lot (Faculty and Visitor Parking Lot) closest to the building and should use the drive through to exit the parking lot.  Driving through the Faculty and Visitor Parking Lot creates a dangerous and unsafe environment for teachers coming to the building. On rainy days the students may be dropped off under the front canopy of the school to enter through the main entrance to report to the cafeteria. The student pick-up area after school is along the sidewalk in the driveway beginning at the canopy, extending along the driveway to the exit.  All students being picked-up will exit the building by the gym to proceed to the pick-up area. On rainy days the students will be allowed to exit from the main entrance to wait under the front canopy or they may wait inside the main foyer for their parents.  Parents, after school waiting for students, please do not allow young children out of your vehicle to play on the grounds. This creates a safety hazard and distraction for students still in class.

Afternoon Traffic Flow:

The traffic flow pattern for afternoon student pick-up will be to turn right into the GMS drive from Wilson Street.  Left turns off of Wilson Street will not be allowed by the Groves Police Department.  Only right turns will be allowed to enter the school driveway. We will use a single lane for picking up students along the school driveway in the student pick-up area.  All vehicles should continue to move in the driveway to fill any empty space or until they reach the end of the sidewalk. The inside lane/area marked in red is for vehicles to drive through only or leave the campus after students have entered their vehicles.  Parents will be allowed to park along Wilson Street between the school driveway exit and Taylor Street, in the older parking lot along Wilson Street, or in the older parking lot along Taylor Street to wait for their students. Parents will not be allowed to park along Wilson Street between the school driveway entrance and the driveway exit on either side of the street.  Parents are not to park in the parking lot closest to the front entrance to wait for students. These spaces are reserved for staff and campus visitors only.


Late Arrivals, Visitors, Bike Riders, and Students Walking :

Students arriving late to school should be dropped off at the front main entrance and they should report to the office.  Also, all visitors to the campus should enter through the main entrance and sign in at the office.


Students riding a bike to school should park their bike in the bike rack located outside in front of the gym.  Students walking to school or walking home will enter and exit through the areas mentioned above.  


Cell Phones

In the mornings, cell phones are to be turned off and inside backpacks prior to entering the school building.  After school cell phones are to remain turned off and kept in backpacks until they are outside of the building.  Any cell phone seen by the staff inside the building will be confiscated and result in a fee of $15.00. Cell phones are not to be used inside the building without the teachers or staffs permission.


Thank you for your continued patience and understanding regarding our daily student drop-off & pick-up process and our cell phone policy.  If you have any questions, please contact the school at 962-0225.


Welcome Back,

James Arnett


Groves Middle School