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May 29th- 6th and 7th Grade Incentive Fun Day info

May 29th- 6th and 7th Grade Incentive Fun Day

Students are allowed to participate if they meet the eligibility requirements below.

 List of activities:

  • inflatable water slide, slip and slide, obstacle course, and bounce house (Students' clothes may get wet on some of these.)
  • dunking booth
  • wiffle ball tournament- Sign up by Friday, May 24 in room 608.
  • free technology day- Technology usage rules must be followed.

List of food and snacks available:

  • Sno Cone Factory will be on site- $1.50 per sno cone.
  • Concession stand will be open- most items $1.
  • One free popcorn and cotton candy will be given to each eligible student.
  • Bring your own lunch or purchase Dominos Pizza ($2 per slice).
  • Cafeteria will have sack lunches available for those that need a lunch or forget to bring lunch/money. Students will NOT be allowed to call home for lunch. No lunch delivery or drop off will be allowed on May 29th. 

Dress Code:

  • Boys should wear swim trunks and shirt to participate in water inflatables.
  • Girls should wear swim suit under shirt and shorts to participate in water inflatables.
  • Athletic/Nike style shorts are allowed as long as they are near fingertip length. No high cut sides on shorts.
  • Flip Flops/slide-on shoes are allowed.
  • Hats/caps will be allowed.
  • All attire must be in good taste and follow dress code with the above exceptions being allowed.  
  • Administration reserves the right to decline any attire.


  • Sunscreen/sunglasses may be needed as many activities are outdoors.
  • A towel may be needed to dry off from water inflatables.
  • Students are responsible for all items they bring to school.

6th and 7th Grade 2nd Semester Fun Day (Incentive Day)


  • all passing grades on 4th and 5th 6 Week report cards
  • no U’s in conduct on 4th and 5th 6 Week report cards
  • no more than one N in conduct for the combined 4th and 5th 6 Week report cards
  • no ISS or Out of School Suspension assignments for the 2nd Semester
  • no AEP (Alternative School) assignment
  • must meet minimum attendance requirements for the 2nd semester
  • no lunch fees for the 2nd Semester
  • no library fees for the 2nd Semester
  • no textbook obligations